From the Balcony

The night of her performance, I helped her get dressed, curled her hair and carefully placed the black & red polka dot bow on the top of her head. She looked so much more than my little girl of eight years old.  She was ready. She was calm. I however, was a nervous wreck.

Blizzard of ’78 Life Lessons

I’m standing at my front counter of the boutique, listening to Christmas music, and watching the snow fall. Can it seriously get any better than this? Cars are passing by, people are walking along the sidewalks, and it feels like Christmas.

Forget It!

At what age does memory loss start to set in? At what age do we enter a room, completely forgetting why we’re there? Like, completely forgetting! I think this is happening to me. Twice in two days, I’ve had virtually no memory of two conversations I’ve had, both with my mom, apparently promising to do…

Christmas is When?

So there’s less than 3 weeks until Christmas, and apparently I’ve lulled myself into a false sense of security when it comes to gift shopping. I’d finished the kids over two weeks ago. I was super psyched. Done. All I needed to do was wrap the presents. And then tonight it hit me…I’m nowhere near…

Christmas Tree Hugging

I’ve waited all year for this. For today. The first Saturday in December. It’s the official start of the Christmas season in our house. It’s the day we pick out our family Christmas tree.

An Angel on Earth…with Cancer.

When I heard that she was diagnosed with cancer, my heart sank. I thought of her, her smile, her laugh, and I shook my head in disbelief. How could she have cancer? How could she have cancer?