Is It Over Yet?

I’m coming off a full week of sickness. Not me, but my kids. All of them. All three. One ended up in the hospital with a 105.5 fever. One went through an entire box of tissues in one sitting, and one, I’m pretty sure got sick just to mess with me.

For an entire week, it was, “Mom, I need apple juice.” texted to me by my oldest, followed by, “Mama, can you help me find Bo-Bo?” called out from my little, in a panic because her pink bear went missing. No doubt, trying to escape.

It was a week of running up and down the stairs, of disinfecting everything, of carrying Lysol around, like a revolver, ready to strike the enemy.

It was emptying wastebaskets filled with snot. It was picking up snotty tissues off the bathroom floor, the bedroom floor, the living room floor – basically every floor in our house. It was using hand sanitizer before and after everything I touched. Washing my hands like my life depended on it.

And then, like a miracle from God, they were better. No fevers. No vomiting. No more snotty tissues strewn about. Appetites came back. Color returned to cheeks, and eyes became clear again.

And today, my dear friends, is Monday.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that Monday is my absolute favorite day of the entire week. And today, more than ever, I need Monday. I need a moment to myself. I need to be able to sit for more than 3 minutes. Dare I say, to have a cup of coffee while it’s still steaming hot?

I’m counting down the minutes…by 8:45 a.m. the bus will arrive, taking my third child to school.

And then it’s just me and the dog. It doesn’t get any better than that.



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